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Good NEWS!

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

Let's do the Drum rolls together before we announce a good news!!!

DRUM ROLLSSSsssssssss!

Our Promotions will be extending till END OF MARCH 2021!!!

Go to Promotions Page to find out more (:

Which door design suited for your home? Fear not, our sales team will be able to advice you on the doors, as well as the packages that suits your needs! Simply just show our team an image of your home, then tell us what kind of look and feel you would want to achieve.

Doorlab team provide a wide range of design and colors for mild steel gates, main door, laminate bedroom doors, slide and swing toilet doors. Should you like to have laser customized cut for your steel gate, don't hesitate to drop us a whatsapp message / email us / DM us through facebook.

We are excited to catch you at our showroom! We shall see you there!


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