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Slide & Swing
Toilet door

Slide and Swing toilet door in Singapore has a conventional method that we are all familiar with. Slide and swing toilet door are similar to PD Door, Slide and Swing toilet door also give you extra space except it does not need to follow the track and uses the magnet to attract the frame to allow easy locking. Besides that, Slide and swing toilet door maximized the living spaces and easier to operate as it can be opened from every different angles. There are many options of slide and swing toilet door for owners to choose from. 



Wide ranges of color tones for homeowners to choose from. 


We provide a thumb-turn latch on the lock mechanism. We also offered free installation and dismantling with the disposal of the existing door. 


Do note that there will be a 10-20% difference between the real piece and screen.


Slide and swing toilet door Singapore – a must-have!

Slide and swing toilet door Singapore are an excellent option for those who wish to have modern design washrooms. If you haven't tried one this is the right time to make your toilets unique and stylish.

Swing and slide doors use minimum space, and you can swing and slide at any point. The magnet system of these doors allows easy locking. These doors ensure easy cleaning and are water-resistant.

Offering you wide variety of choice that goes with interior of your toilet. The frames come in black, grey, and white colors to mix and match the design of your toilet.

Contact to get top-quality services.

Put your trust in the most reliable door suppliers in Singapore. We are passionate about providing the best and innovative door services to our beloved customers. All our products are durable and budget-friendly. Visit us to experience the outcome of our hard work. We would be happy to assist you with choosing slide and swing toilet door Singapore!

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