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Hafele Digital Door Lock

Hafele digital door locks leverage reputable technology to revolutionize your home security. Be it using a fingerprint, a unique PIN, or even just your face recognition to get entrance with ease, combining these methods for a multi-layered defense for the utmost peace of mind. Hafele goes above and beyond by providing intruder capture mode and backup key access for a genuine safe sanctuary.


  • Easy Access: For a keyless experience, use your fingerprint, PIN, RFID card, or facial recognition.

  • Multi-Layer Security: For the highest level of security, combine the access techniques.

  • Peace of Mind: A safe sanctuary is guaranteed with auto-locking, intruder capture, and smart freeze technology.

  • Never Locked Out: For extra protection, have a backup key for access.

  • Seamless Integration: Remote access and control options for smart locks.


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