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Yale digital locks in Singapore provide every user with the convenience of keyless access to their precious homes and properties. Yale digital door locks offers the simplicity of security access but provides sophisticated technology fit for every lifestyle. Yale digital door locks is no doubt one of the oldest names in the lock industry and is currently one of the leading brands across 100 countries. It is highly recommended digital lock in Singapore. Yale digital door locks has proven its reliability throughout the years, as well, especially in Singapore. It is perfect digital lock for hdb gate.Their digital locks series are crafted with the same durability and high regard for security, just like their traditional products.

Easy access as it can be opened simultaneously with the door and the lock. Recommended for households with young children and pets. 

We offered free installation and dismantling with the disposal of the existing door. 




In a modern world where everyone is busy in their lives, there is no time to worry about carrying house keys along with you. Yale digital door lock Singapore wishes to serve you in ways that bring you to ease.

Features of Yale digital door lock Singapore

The digital touch screen of the door lock only displays its screen when you touch it with your palm. The recommended Digital Lock Singapore door automatically locks when all doors are properly closed; who wouldn't want such safety, especially when you have kids? You can always create a fake PIN to prevent exposure to your actual PIN. We offer door locks in different designs to select what fits best with your door.

digital lock for hdb gate - Our approach

When it comes to security, there should be no compromise. Having a proper and reliable lock system is crucial because it is the first-line defense before someone breaks into your house. What are you waiting for? Contact us for the best digital doors in Singapore and make your home safe with our help. The safer, the better

We care about your safety, and we bring you the best solutions. Our digital door lock for hdb gate promises to make a way to a secure and convenient lifestyle.