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Mild steel Gate

Mild steel gate in Singapore acts as a safety barrier when the laminate main door is left open. Leaving the laminate main door open will allow light and air currents to stream into the living room, making the area brighter and cooler. The mild steel gate are usually made of metal. But, personalizing your apartment with mild steel gate in Singapore goes beyond redesigning the layout of your unit. When it came to jazz up the abodes, increasingly homeowners are also making their bold, creative personal statement right at their front door. Hence, the mild steel gate is slowly gaining its popularity in Singapore, especially for hdb. 


Wide ranges of color tones for homeowners to choose from. Recommended for households with young children and pets. 

We provide a mortise lock and self-stick number stickers of a 1-7 digit number to indicate your unit number. We also offered free installation and dismantling with the disposal of the existing door.