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A new trendy main door design addition to the market in Singapore. The solid laminate door for the main door has a strong core with durable surfaces that is resistant to water and scratches. These main doors are made of jointed laminated timber with added strength and durability. Best Fire Rated Doors supplier in Singapore that can be made using a certified proprietary mix of solid core boards and laminates to withstand the different durations of a raging fire, a life-saving property that is often neglected. Designer Doors can also be made by applying a specially designed laminate over the Fire Rated main door or solid core door, giving it superior aesthetic qualities.

Solid Laminate door

Wide ranges of color tones for homeowners to choose from. Prices are based on the thickness of the door 42mm. Recommended for households with young children and pets. 

We provide a cylindrical doorknob, magnetic stopper, and stainless steel hinges for your solid laminate door. We also offered free installation and dismantling with the disposal of the existing door. 


Do note that there will be a 10-20% difference between the real piece and screen.