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Check Out Some Creative Door Ideas for Your Main Door & Gate

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

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It is common to see main gates in older estates having a uniform design across multiple housing units. While unique gate designs were rare up until recent years, homeowners are now starting to pay more attention to the appearance of their metal gates in HDB flats.

These days, there are more homeowners choosing to replace their basic gates with intriguing designs that allow them to distinguish themselves thanks to the new technology and rising gate styles.

At Doorlab, we strive to be as creative and honest with our clients as possible. We ensure that the doors we provide not only keep your house safe and secure but also guarantee that the things you need for your house and HDB are of the finest quality. We offer a wide variety of colours and laminated solid doors.

We are also the primary provider of HDB doors and gates and we're here to help if you need any customization. Additionally, we provide a wide selection of those highly Recommended Digital Locks and Door Viewers in Singapore.

Here at Doorlab, we encompass all three meanings, with up-to-date and relevant insider knowledge about the ever-evolving home and lifestyle landscape in Singapore.

Check out this list to consider when choosing your main door and gate in Singapore if you're considering replacing your gates with more appealing ones.

Gate Composition

Gate materials come in a variety of forms, each with its own set of advantages. Your choice of gate material will have an impact on the strength, longevity, and ease of maintenance of your gate.

When it comes to materials, wrought iron and mild steel are two of the most popular choices for HDB gates. Mild steel gates are more malleable than other steel gates as they are constructed from steel and carbon, and they provide you with the flexibility to personalize the design of your gate too. Additionally, mild steel is more resilient than wrought iron and aluminium.

On the other hand, wrought iron gates are made of iron. Although they are incredibly resilient, if they are not kept in good condition they can rust easily.


Gate Style

Your gate's design is determined by the purpose you intend for it to fulfil. Even though some homeowners appreciate their solitude, they don't want to have their front door fully closed. For these homeowners, it is recommended to choose an HDB gate design that has fewer grilles and observation apertures. Gates with mesh or grilles are a good option if you want something that allows for plenty of airflows.

Regulations for HDB

There are rules to follow if you wish to change your HDB gates even if no permissions are needed.

These recommendations may or may not have an impact on the gate you select:

  • The width, quantity of panels, and swing of the gate must all match the ones initially offered by HDB. The gate swing must not hinder the public exit path

  • Units along the common corridor are required to leave a minimum of 1.2 meters between the gate and the parapet wall of the hallway - when the gates open perpendicular to the corridor parapet wall

  • When measuring the width of the staircase from the edge of the gate (when it opens at all angles) to the staircase railing, units next to it must leave a minimum distance

  • Units on corners shouldn't have gates that bang against the windows of the next apartment

Variety of Locks

The kind of lock you wish to put will also impact your decision as traditional locks and digital door locks may be installed in different ways.

Almost every gate is equipped with conventional locks by default. However, it is not recommended for the design of your gate to be very intricate though, as digital locks require a good flat surface as their support.

Ideas for a Creative HDB Front Gate

Although customizing your front gate might not be at the top of your list of renovation projects, don't dismiss the idea just yet. Several gate designs may just give your flat more distinction while also providing increased convenience and safety. Take control of these creative front gate designs!

Going Digital

For homeowners seeking convenience and security, digital locks are quickly taking the lead. They provide technology-enabled security while eliminating the inconvenience of carrying a lot of keys, whether it is by fingerprint, number, or smart card access.

This HDB front gate concept surpasses the conventional ones in more ways than one when coupled with a straightforward wrought iron gate for increased durability. Considering creating a smart home? Check out our list of essential gadgets for your apartment.

Wire Mesh Gates for Pets and Industrial-Style Interiors

A wire mesh gate is a functional and fashionable option for pet owners. This HDB front gate concept keeps your dogs from unintentionally exiting the house and it might also be an ideal addition for industrial-style interior design.

Tinted Glass Gates for Contemporary and Private Entries

Consider a glass gate for owners who want a distinctive and contemporary entry so that maximum sunshine may shine through the house. If a glass gate seems like a strange choice, use tinted glass instead to protect your privacy without sacrificing aesthetic appeal.

Customizable Wall Art Gates for HDB

Would you like to alter the look of your HDB front gate depending on the situation? These wall art gates' panels may be readily changed to be accustomed to the apartment's appearance!

Laser-Cut Gates for Unique HDB Front Gate Designs

For a genuinely unique HDB front gate design, proudly display your favourite image or a meaningful design on a laser-cut gate! Even while it might not be the most affordable choice, it will undoubtedly reveal a lot about your character as a homeowner.



You might desire a laminated gate for your own house if you're sick of seeing the same wrought iron gates that are shown along most HDB corridors. To give your main gate a modern look, our laminated door provides customizable laminated gates that combine steel and wood features.

Our company's best-selling steel gate designs are still available for customers seeking more conventional gate styles, or you may create your own using the laser-cut gate options.

Along with laminated doors, veneer doors, solid (Nyatoh) doors, and traditional doors, our selection also includes antibacterial laminate doors. For germaphobes who want their homes to be a haven, these doors' laminates are coated with a specific antibacterial compound to prevent bacteria from growing on their surface.

Even though having a gorgeous door to return to might not be the renovation project's top goal, it can make make a difference. You can be confident that your front door will be well taken care of, from on-site measurements to delivery and installation, with the help of this list of HDB gate contractors.

Whether classic or contemporary is your chosen interior design aesthetic, be inspired by the stunning HDB houses we highlight and get decorating ideas and pointers to alter your apartment.



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