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Philips Digital Door Lock

No more fumbling for keys or the stress of possible break-ins; strengthen the security of your house with Philips Digital Door Locks. Philips digital locks offer future-proof smart door locks for your home that put convenience and security at your fingertip. It has an elegant keyless entry system that allows access through the fingerprint, a personalized PIN, or even smartphone access.


  • Effortless Entry: Unlock your door effortlessly by using the accessibility of a fingerprint, personalized code, or your smartphone.

  • 24/7 Peace of Mind: Instantly ascertain whether the door is secured or unsecured at any given moment, regardless of the time of day, without the need for full oversight or awareness.

  • Ultimate Convenience: Grant temporary access to guests or service providers, eliminating the need for key handoffs.

  • Enhanced Security: Auto-locking features ensure your door is always secure, even if you forget.

  • Built to Last: Durable design and long-lasting battery life provide reliable security for years to come.




Improve security and convenience lifestyle with smart and keyless technologies.


Contact us for any lock issues. 2 years warranty included after installation.


Visit our showroom of digital door locks. We will assist you in person.


Free installation of digital door locks by qualified installers.


Consult our staff for the digital door lock best suited for your needs.


Place your orders online through Whatsapp to save a trip down.


In a modern world where everyone is busy in their lives, there is no time to worry about carrying house keys along with you. Digital door lock Singapore wishes to serve you in ways that bring you to ease.

Features of digital door lock Singapore

The digital touch screen of the door lock only displays its screen when you touch it with your palm. The recommended Digital Lock Singapore door automatically locks when all doors are properly closed; who wouldn't want such safety, especially when you have kids? You can always create a fake PIN to prevent exposure to your actual PIN. We offer door locks in different designs to select what fits best with your door.

digital lock for hdb gate - Our approach

When it comes to security, there should be no compromise. Having a proper and reliable lock system is crucial because it is the first-line defense before someone breaks into your house. What are you waiting for? Contact us for the best digital doors in Singapore and make your home safe with our help. The safer, the better

We care about your safety, and we bring you the best solutions. Our digital door lock for hdb gate promises to make a way to a secure and convenient lifestyle.

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