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Which are the Best Recommended Digital Locks in Singapore for Homes?

Updated: May 24, 2023

Digital Door Lock Recommendations

The first step in constructing an intelligent house is installing digital locks. It's far more convenient than carrying your keys in your back pocket. Consider installing one in your home to add to the luxury a digital lock may provide. An electronic keypad or fingerprint scanner is needed to unlock the front door.

A digital door lock may be installed instead of conventional locks and keys, or further automation features can be added to your primary entrance. When a dependable method of access control is required for a facility, but the distribution of keys or cards is unfeasible, a digital door lock Singapore offers is an economical, simple alternative.

Factors to Consider While Buying a Digital Lock:

In today's world, when more and more complex locking technologies are being developed, you would evaluate your prospective lock based on at least the three criteria listed below:


The strength of the lock is the most crucial consideration. Is it sturdy enough to survive a drill or other similarly abrasive tool? It all comes down to the quality of the lock's construction.

Lock Technology:

People get confused between pure digital and electrical locks. There is no best option for this; your requirements should guide your decision. An electronic lock is viable for smaller containers, homes, or rooms. Incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) or other forms of cutting-edge home automation technologies into a purely digital lock might be a game-changer for the security of homes and other buildings.

Locking Mechanism:

Methods of unlocking are, once again, up to individual taste. The most common options for programming a digital lock are a pattern, password, biometric, or combination. First, determine the degree of safety you need and choose the appropriate option(s).

You can consider these factors as only the tip of the iceberg. However, there are many more important considerations when determining whether or not a lock is suitable for your needs.

The Best Recommended Digital Locks for Homes in Singapore:

We looked at the different kinds of digital locks available in Singapore and settled on these six. Our final selections were based on how easy its setup was, how much it would cost, and how safe it was. For homes, yale is the best recommended digital locks in Singapore with the given benefits:

Yale YDM7116A Matt Black RL BIOMETRIC:

The Yale YDM7116A Matt black is an excellent option for convenient keyless entry into your house. It is tested to be a fire rated digital door lock. The safe, smart lock enables you to lock and unlock your door, distribute virtual keys to visitors, and get alerts through the Yale Access App. It helps to relieve some stress from your hectic contemporary lifestyle. With the choice between fingerprint recognition and a personal identification number (PIN), entering your house is easy and convenient. Its price is $799.


  • The door will lock itself, thanks to the auto-locking feature.

  • The door and lock is tested to be fireproof.

  • You can keep tabs on what others are doing and get alerts about it.

  • In case of an unexpected lockout, you may gain entry using a mechanical key.

  • In case of an unexpected lockout, you may gain entry using a mechanical key.



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