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Bedroom doors

Interior doors, especially laminate bedroom doors in Singapore are the least mentioned element in home magazines or blogs. Laminate bedroom doors like anything in your home, they are equally important for creating harmony in your decorating. The solid laminate bedroom door for the bedroom has a strong core with durable surfaces that is resistant to water and scratches. These laminate bedroom doors are made of jointed laminated timber with added strength and durability. Fire Rated Doors can be made using a certified proprietary mix of solid core boards and laminates to withstand the different durations of a raging fire, a life-saving property that is often neglected.


Wide ranges of color tones for homeowners to choose from. Recommended for households with young children and pets.


We provide a cylindrical doorknob, magnetic stopper, and stainless steel hinges for your solid laminate door. We also offered free installation and dismantling with the disposal of the existing door. 


Do note that there will be a 10-20% difference between the real piece and screen.

Laminate bedroom door price is as stated, popular especially for hdb in Singapore. 

Bedroom Doors


Your bedroom is a place where you go for relaxation after a tiring day. When your bedroom is designed according to your preferences, it will bring you happiness and calmness. Selecting the right products for your bedroom is essential as it is a one-time investment.

Bedroom Door Singapore

Choosing quality doors for your room is equally important. Door Lab provides a practical and first-class choice of laminated bedroom doors in Singapore for your home. You will find the best HDB Bedroom door price with quality that enhances the look of your space!

Why choose Laminate Doors for your bedroom?

The plastic lamination of these laminated doors promises durability. No more worrying about decaying of paint, like those traditional doors. With kids playing all over the house, there is always a chance of damage to the doors. Having doors that are not only scratch-free but also water-resistant will ensure you do not have to worry about the door getting damaged. You need to make the right selection that will benefit you in the long run.

Our promise

Explain the interior of your room, and let us select the laminate door for you that fits perfectly. You can always tell us the image of the perfect door that you have in mind, and we will turn it into reality. We create the best laminate bedroom doors in Singapore that are the ultimate source of attraction and consistent praise.

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