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Product Description

  • Phlips EasyKey 9300 access solutions, PIN-code, fingerprint, card, key override, bluetooth, for your convenience


Main Benefits:

✅Various Access Solution: Multiple choices as fingerprint, PIN code, key tag, remote control, mechanical key, and app meet different unlocking needs and allow users to enjoy a smart and convenient door opening experience.

✅High Speed and Security: The lock comes with a semiconductor fingerprint sensor which enables accurate and swift recognition, with an identification speed of less than 0.5 second. The identification is implemented by way of human skin temperature, capacitance value etc. Fingerprints can not be duplicated, copied or imitated. It can effectively prevent fake fingerprints or fingerprint film. You can enjoy smart, easy, fast and safe smart life.

✅One-Time Passcode: Provide temporary access codes or privileges for visitors, guests, or service providers, which can be set to expire after a specified duration.

✅Low Battery & Tamper Alerts: Alerts are triggered if there is an attempt to tamper with the lock or force it open. Low battery notifications when the lock's batteries are running low.

✅Auto-Lock Engagement: Once the door closure is detected, the digital lock engages the auto-lock function. The lock will automatically secure the door without requiring any additional action from the user.


All Philips Digital Door Lock comes with:

  • Free Installation
  • 3-Years On-Site Warranty


Product Specification

Type: Push Pull Lock

Proximity Card: 2 

Front Dimension: 421.8 (H) x 75.6 (W) x 51.8 (D) mm

Back Dimension: 422.4 (H) x 78.0 (W) x 52.7 (D) mm

Philips Easykey 9300 Digital Door Lock

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