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Main Benefits:

  • Laser cutting allows for intricate designs with precise detail

  • Add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your property's entrance

  • Wide range of designs, from traditional to contemporary, to suit any architectural style

  • Require minimal maintenance, making them a convenient and hassle-free option



  • Dismantle & Disposal of exisiting gate

  • Installation of Mild Steel Gate

  • Mortise Lock x 01

  • Laser Cut Unit Number worth $120.00

  • 300mm Kick Plate or Digital Plate (if any)


Design image based on 3ft x 7ft



  • 3ft x 7ft Mild Steel Main Gate: $898.00 (U.P. $1098.00)

  • 4ft * 7ft Mild Steel Main Gate: $998.00 (U.P. $1198.00)

Mild Steel Main Gate DL-MG-E58

$1,098.00 Regular Price
$898.00Sale Price
    • Standard HDB Main Gate Size: 3ft x 7ft or 4ft x 7ft
    • Gate width larger than 1200mm will incur an additional charge.
    • Gate height larger than 2130mm will incur an additional charge
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