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Post-CNY Promotions

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

Homeowners, Doorlab team are ready for post-cny promotions for you! What are you waiting for? Go to Promotions Page to find out more (:P.S: Promotions will only be up till 21st March 2021.

Post CNY Promotions

Homeowners, use your angpao money or the money you won from mini games to build a beautiful interior doors for your HDB house, BTO house. What kind of interior doors? We meant your bedroom doors, slide and swing toilet doors. Of course, you may also decide to get a new look and feel for your entrance. We have packages for your main door and main gate. Should you like to have laser customized cut, don't hesitate to drop us a whatsapp message / email us / DM us through facebook.

More exciting gifts and promotions will be coming up!

STAY TUNE, Our Dearest Homeowners!


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